Workforce Planning/Agency Governance and Clinical Indemnity

Governance and Clinical Indemnity Unit and Programme Management Office

Governance Unit is responsible for strengthening Departmental governance and oversees the Department of Health’s compliance with the Civil Service Standard for Corporate Governance, including:

Clinical Indemnity Unit advises the Minister on clinical and general indemnity insurance related issues and we work with the State Claims Agency (SCA) to implement indemnity insurance policy.  The State Claims Agency (SCA) provides risk management advice and assistance to State authorities with the aim of reducing future claims and litigation.  The SCA manages the Clinical Indemnity Scheme and the General Indemnity Scheme for health care agencies.

Further information can be read on the State Claims website here

We also deal with legacy indemnity issues for example symphysiotomy, the Lourdes Hospital Payment Scheme and the Drogheda Review.

The Programme Management Office (PMO) coordinates business planning, risk management and project management.

The PMO is responsible for:

  • Oversight of Business and Risk Management Planning
  • Providing guidance and support in Project Management techniques
  • Delivery of accurate and timely reports from all the projects in the Health Priority Areas for senior management meetings
  • Liaison and coordination between the PMO and the HSE’s Programme for Health Service Improvement