Life Expectancy

This section provides data and information on life expectancy and healthy life expectancy in Ireland and across the EU.

Life expectancy at birth for Ireland and EU

Summary Tables and Graphs

Table 1 – Life expectancy, Ireland, by age and gender, 1995, 2005 and 2015 (Download csv)

Figure 1 – Life expectancy at birth by gender, Ireland and EU-28, 2006 to 2015 (View graph) (Download csv)

Figure 2 – Life expectancy at birth for EU-28 countries, 2015 (View graph) (Download csv)

Figure 3 – Life expectancy and healthy life years at age 65 by gender, Ireland and EU-28, 2015 (View graph) (Download csv)


Useful Links (links open up in a new window)

Central Statistics Office

Statbank – Irish life tables – online database

StatCentral – the portal to Ireland’s official statistics

International Data

Eurostat – Life expectancy data for EU countries – online database

Eurostat – Healthy Life Years – online database

OECD – online database.

WHO European Health For All database (HFA) – online database

Eurohex – access to research on health expectancies in Europe – online resource