Infant and Perinatal Mortality

Infant Mortality Rates, Ireland and EU 28

Summary Graph

Figure 1 – Infant Mortality Rates, Ireland and EU 28 (View graph) (Download csv)


Detailed Tables

The following web table provides data on infant mortality by county, age and cause of death (links open up in a new window).

Table M5 – Infant and neonatal mortality numbers and rates for single years  – online database Explanatory texts (metadata)


Useful Links (links open up in a new window)

National Perinatal Reporting System

The National Perinatal Reporting System has as its principal aim, the provision
of national statistics on perinatal events.

Central Statistics Office

The Annual Vital Statistics Reports contain a chapter on infant and perinatal mortality – PDF reports.

Statbank – online database

StatCentral – the portal to Ireland’s official statistics.

International Data

Eurostat infant mortality data for EU countries – online database. Data tables can be found by clicking Demography/Demography – National Data/Mortality.

OECD – Maternal and infant mortality – online database

WHO European detailed mortality database (DMDB) – online database

WHO European Health For All database (HFA) – online database

EuroPeristat – The EURO-PERISTAT project’s goal is to monitor and evaluate maternal and child health in the perinatal period – pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum – in Europe using valid and reliable indicators.