Figure 3 - Percentage of Population Aged 65 and over by Small Population Area, Ireland

Summary Tables and Graphs

Table 1 – Population estimates (‘000s) for regional authority areas by age group, 2017 (Download csv)

Table 2 – Population of Ireland (‘000s) by age group, 2008 to 2017 (Download csv)

Table 3 – Population 2017 and Projected Population to 2037 (000s) by age group, Ireland and EU-28 (Download csv)

Table 4 – Dependency Ratio Ireland 2017 and Projected to 2037 (Download csv)

Figure 1 – Cumulative percentage increase in population, all ages and 65+, Ireland and EU-28, 2007 to 2016 (View graph) (Download csv)

Figure 2 – Older Age Groups: Population 2017 and Projected Popuation 2022-2037, Ireland and EU-28 (View graph) (Download csv)



Useful Links (links open up in a new window)

Central Statistics Office

Population statistics – online resource

Statbank – annual population estimates – online database

Census data – online resource

Population and Labour Force Projections – online resource

Regional Population Projections – online resource

StatCentral – the portal to Ireland’s official statistics

International Data

Eurostat population data for EU countries – online database

OECD – Demographic references – online database

WHO European Health For All database (HFA) – online database