Consultants, Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors and Nurses

Summary Table and Graphs

Table 1 – Consultant and non-consultant hospital doctors employed in the public health service, 2008 to 2017 (Download csv)

Figure 1 – Consultant and non-consultant hospital doctors (HSE and Section 38), 2008 to 2017 (View graph) (Download csv)

Figure 2 – Practising Doctors Per 1000 Population OECD Countries, 2015 (View graph) (Download csv)

Figure 3 – Proportion of Nursing Staff Employed in Ireland in the Public Health Service in Each Category, September 2017 (View graph) (Download csv)

The above data is reproduced from Health in Ireland: Key Trends 2017. Data in Table 1 and Figures 1 and 3 are sourced from the HSE’s Health Service Personnel Census and relate to 30 September 2017. This census is updated on a monthly basis by the HSE.


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HSE Monthly Management Data Reports – monthly data on human resources (PDF)

International Data

Eurostat – online database.

OECD – online database