Births and Fertility

Total Fertility Rate by County, Ireland

Summary Tables and Graphs

Table 1 – Live Births, Birth Rate and Total Fertility Rate, Ireland and EU28 (Download csv)

Figure 2 – Total Fertility Rate by County, Ireland, (View graph) (Download csv)

Figure 3 – Total Fertility Rates in Europe, (View graph) (Download csv)


Detailed Tables

The following web tables provide data on mortality by county, age and gender (links open up in a new window).

Table F1: Births – Numbers, Crude Rates, Total Fertility Rates and Percent Outside Marriage – online database Explanatory texts (metadata)

Table F2: Births: Annual Numbers of Births and Birth Rates by Mother’s Age, Marital Status and Sex of Infant – online database Explanatory texts (metadata)

Table F3: Births – Perinatal Data – online database Explanatory texts (metadata)


Useful Links (links open up in a new window)

Central Statistics Office

Annual Vital Statistics Reports – PDF reports

Statbank – online database

StatCentral – the portal to Ireland’s official statistics.

International Data

Eurostat births data for EU countries – online database. Data accessed via Demography/Demography – National Data/Fertility

OECD – infant health – online database.

OECD – general demographics- online database.

WHO European Health For All database (HFA) – online database