These pages contain data and statistics on the health service and the health of the population. Statistics are divided up into topical areas. Within these topics you will find lots of useful statistics which in most cases can be downloaded and shared. Links to external sources of data and other relevant information are also presented.

Life expectancy at birth for Ireland and EU28 by gender                


Key Facts:  
Life Expectancy in years at birth:
2016: Males 79.9 Females 83.6

% population 65 and over

2017: 13.6

No. of people with a medical card

end October 2017: 1,626,702

No. of people with a GP Visit Card

end October 2017: 484,674

Total public health expenditure

2016: EUR14.7 billion

Number of births registered:
2016: 63,897

No. acute hospital discharges:

2016: 1.69 million

% as daycase

2016: 62%

WTEs employed in the health service

end October 2017: 109,933



Latest Health in Ireland Key Trends

Key Trends 2017

Health in Ireland Key Trends 2017 was published in December 2017 and provides summary statistics on health and health care over the past ten years. 

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