Sláintecare Integration Fund Application Guide

Thank you for your interest in the Sláintecare Integration Fund. The closing date of 1pm on 18th April has now passed and the application window is now closed. We received an unprecedented level of interest and are currently reviewing every application at present. We expect to be in a position to complete the process in

Sláintecare Action Plan 2019

The Sláintecare Action Plan 2019 outlines the approach for delivery of Sláintecare and milestones to be achieved by the end of 2019. The Action Plan, developed by the Sláintecare Programme Implementation Office, is a fundamental enabler in the delivery of the Sláintecare vision for reformed health and social care services in Ireland. Click here to

Scheduled Care Access Plan 2019

The Scheduled Care Access Plan 2019 sets clear targets to improve access and reduce the length of time patients will wait for hospital operations, procedures or appointments in 2019. Click here to read or download.

Interim Report of the Expert Group for the management of clinical negligence claims

In June 2018, as part of a commitment in the Programme for Government, the Minister for Health, the Minister for Justice and Equality, in association with the Minister for Finance, announced the establishment of an Expert Group to consider an alternative mechanism to the court process for resolving clinical negligence claims.  The group chaired by

Independent Review Group examining role of Voluntary Organisations

The Independent Review Group examining the role of voluntary organisations in public health and personal social care settings has published its report. The report looks at voluntary organisation ownership, governance, ethos and relations with the State. Click here to view or download: A public consultation was undertaken by the Independent Review Group. Click here to

Regulated Professions (Health and Social Care) (Amendment) Bill 2019

The Regulated Professions (Health and Social Care) (Amendment) Bill 2019 amends the five health professional regulatory Acts, in particular in relation to fitness to practise and registration. The key amendments include: • Applicants for registration must declare on application, and annually thereafter, any convictions, or sanctions imposed on their practise by a regulatory body (inside or

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