Professional Competence

Professional Competence for Healthcare Professionals

Since May 2011, doctors are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in professional schemes and following requirements set by the Medical Council.  Since 2012, doctors have been required to declare to the Medical Council that they are fulfilling their legal obligations and patients have the right to check with their doctor that they are complying with professional competence schemes.  For more details, see

A new statutory framework for the maintenance of professional competence of registered nurses and midwives, including an obligation on employers to facilitate the maintenance of professional competence of nurses and midwives, in particular, by providing learning opportunities in the workplace is provided for in the Nurses and Midwives Act 2011 (No. 41 of 2011), Part 11 – Maintenance of Professional Competence.  This has not yet been commenced.

Under the Health and Social Care Professional Act 2005, there is a system of statutory registration for twelve designated health and social care professions.  These will apply to the public and private sector.  CORU is the umbrella body responsible for implementing the Act.  See for more information