Taskforce Consultations


We recognise and understand that consulting with all of our key stakeholders is very important to support the work of the Taskforce and ensure a robust Staffing and Skill Mix Framework for Nursing.  Through consultation we were seeking to understand what is important to our stakeholders and how best to ensure that the Framework includes their views to produce a more inclusive Framework.

Approach to Consultation

A variety of approaches to consultation were undertaken, to maximise on engagement with key stakeholders; this included national consultation at regional meetings, Taskforce newsletter was issued to all nursing staff via their Director of Nursing, specific stakeholder briefings, on-line survey consultation via the Chief Nursing Officer website,  and individual feedback via the taskforce email.

Regional Meetings

Two rounds of national consultation Phase I

via regional meetings took place. Round one consultation focused on informing health service staff about the Taskforce along with gathering their opinions on the key assumptions that would be included in the development of the draft Framework. Round two sought national consultation on the draft Framework once developed.

Round one consultation, commenced in mid-September 2014 and included 7 national consultation meetings. The regional meetings provided an opportunity to inform health service staff about the Taskforce, in addition to hearing their opinions on the key assumptions that should be included in the development of the Framework. Below is a list of the consultations that took place in round one.

Venue Date Time
Consultation 1 Centre for Nurse Education, Letterkenny Hospital, Donegal 19 September 2014 10am-12noon
Consultation 2 St. James’ Hospital, Dublin 22 September 2014 10am-12noon
Consultation 3 Auditorium, Cork University Hospital, Cork 3 October 2014 10am-12noon
Consultation 4 Room 1 in the Education Centre in Merlin Park University Hospital, Galway 10 October 2014 10am-12noon
Consultation 5 Lecture Theatre Level 6, Sligo Regional Hospital, Sligo 4 November 2014 10am-12noon
Consultation 6 Auditorium, Mater Hospital Dublin 18 November 2014 10am-12noon
Consultation 7 Board Rooms 1a and 1b Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore 26 November 2014 10am-12noon


Round two consultation on the Draft Framework was completed.

Dates, venues and times are set out below.

Venue Date Time
Consultation 1 Fintan Gunne Lecture Theatre, Catherine Mc Auley Centre, Nelson Street, Dublin 7 (close to the Mater Hospital) 4 March 2015 2pm-4pm
Consultation 2 Centre of Nursing and Midwifery Education, St Conals Campus (across the road from Letterkenny General Hospital 6 March 2015 10am-12noon
Consultation 3 Lecture Theatre Level 6, Sligo Regional Hospital 6 March 2015 2.30pm-4.30pm
Consultation 4 Room 1, Education Centre, Merlin Park University Hospital, Galway 10 March 2015 10am-12noon
Consultation 5 Auditorium, Cork University Hospital 13 March 2015 10am-12noon
Consultation 6 Boardroom 1a & 1b, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore 18 March 2015 2pm-4pm
Consultation 7 Anne Young Room, St James’ Hospital 19 March 2015 2.30pm-4.30pm


Phase II

One round of national consultation via regional meetings was undertaken. These meetings focused on delivering information on the work of the Taskforce to date and presentation of the draft assumptions for discussion and feedback. Consultation commenced in June 2017 and consisted of 4 consultation sessions and 3 briefing sessions for stakeholders. Below is a list of consultations that took place:

Venue Date
Consultation 1 River Rooms, AMNCH 20 June 2017
Consultation 2 O’ Flanagan heatre, RCSI 23 June 2017
Consultation 3 Auditorium, CUH 28 June 2017
Consultation 4 Room 2, CNME, Dooradoyle, UL 20th June 2017

Taskforce Newsletter

To support with consultation and to update staff on the progress of the Taskforce, a newsletter has been developed. The newsletter is circulated to all Directors of Nursing across the acute hospital sector.


Stakeholder Briefings

Consultation with specific stakeholder groups, to inform them of the aim and progress of the Taskforce concluded on 3 December 2014. This aimed to inform the wider health service about the work of the Taskforce, for which ongoing progress will be shared via circulation of the newsletter to stakeholders.