National Taskforce on Youth Mental Health

The Programme for Partnership Government committed to establish a Taskforce “to consider how best to introduce and teach resilience, coping mechanisms, greater awareness to children and young people, and how to access support services voluntarily at a young age.”

Helen McEntee TD, Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People, is convening and chairing a small, diverse group for approximately 9-12 months that brings together perspective and insights from public, private, community and voluntary sectors. The group will be asked to design and provide leadership for changes that get communities working together at a local level and services working together at a national level to improve supports for young people so that every young person in Ireland is supported to build their own resilience and emotional wellbeing.

The Taskforce will maintain an exclusive youth focus, defined as children and young people aged 0 to 25. The Taskforce will involve and include young people in its work, as well as engaging widely with key stakeholders.

The Taskforce will meet monthly and will operate as an action-oriented, decision making group focussed on making improvements and getting things done. It will work in collaboration with different sectors and communities to improve:

  1. Emotional literacy around talking about mental health and reduce stigma
  2. Awareness of services and supports
  3. Accessibility to services and supports at different times and in different areas
  4. Alignment of services and supports across different providers (public, private, community, and voluntary)

The Taskforce will be asked to take an innovative and creative approach to these issues by leveraging technology, online platforms, social media, the education system and existing services to achieve its aims.

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