Oversight Group – HIQA Report on Portlaoise Hospital (2015)

Oversight Group for the Implementation of the Recommendations contained in the HIQA Report on Portlaoise Hospital (2015)

Following publication of the HIQA report on Portlaoise Hospital in May 2015, the Minister for Health established an Oversight Group to oversee implementation of the recommendations so as to ensure that the recommendations are fully implemented and all other issues arising are dealt with appropriately. The Oversight Group is meeting on a monthly basis and is working closely with the HSE to monitor implementation of the key higher level actions required to implement the HIQA recommendations. The Oversight Group’s assessment of implementation¬† to date is that the HSE is fully engaged and is continuing to work on implementation of the recommendations.

Terms of Reference for the Oversight Group

Membership of the Oversight Group

Implementation Plan for the period up to March 2017

Minutes of the Oversight Group Meetings

Oversight Group’s Reports to the Minister