NCEC Processes and Templates

Where to start?

If you are currently or are planning to develop a clinical guideline, you should let the NCEC know. This notification neither commits you to submit your guideline to NCEC, nor does it indicate that the guideline will be prioritised or endorsed by NCEC.  We will publish the notifications on our website. Notification avoids duplication of effort by different groups working in the same field. Complete and return this form to

Next steps

You may also download and read:

  1. NCEC Guideline developers manual (2019)
  2. HIQA and NCEC’s National Quality Assurance Criteria for Clinical Guidelines. Version 2 – (April 2015).
  3. HIQA’s Guidance on Budget Impact Analysis
  4. NCEC’s Framework for Endorsement of National Clinical Guidelines 2015.

There are 2 other related HIQA documents that are of interest.

Library support

Librarian support on literature searching for systematic reviews is available for guideline development groups.  Please complete the on-line form here.


The NCEC national clinical guideline templates can help to structure your guideline and ensure that you’ve covered all the necessary areas for prioritisation and quality assurance.