Cancer and Palliative Care

This page contains the NCEC National Clinical Guidelines relating to Cancer and Palliative Care. *Patient Leaflets available here.

! The All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care has 2 e-learning modules to support Nos 9 and 10. To gain access, click link below and register on the site for free.

Guideline Number Title Publication Date
 7  Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with Breast Cancer

  1. Breast Cancer Guideline Full Report
  2. Breast Cancer Guideline Summary
 June 2015

 Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with Prostate Cancer

  1. Prostate Cancer Guideline Full Report
  2. Prostate Cancer Guideline Summary
 June 2015
Clinical Update – Mar 2016
 9  Pharmacological Management of Cancer Pain in Adults*

  1. Cancer Pain Guideline Full Report
  2. Cancer Pain_Guideline Summary
  3. Other support Resources (see also MMP’s Prescribing Tips and Tools)
 Nov 2015
 10  Management of Constipation in Adult Patients Receiving  Palliative Care*

  1. Constipation Guideline Full Report
  2. Constipation_Guideline Summary
  3. Other support resources
 Nov 2015

 Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment of Patients with Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

  1. GTD Guideline Full_Report
  2. GTD_Guideline Summary
Nov 2015