National Clinical Guidelines

National Clinical Guidelines are systematically developed statements, based on a thorough evaluation of the evidence, to assist practitioner and service users’ decisions about appropriate healthcare for specific clinical circumstances across the entire clinical system. The aim of National Clinical Guidelines is to provide guidance and standards for improving the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of healthcare in Ireland. Before reading and using these guidelines, you should read this disclaimer and our guidance on intellectual property. Resources on how to develop a National Clinical Guideline are here.
Other points of interest:

1   National Early Warning Score (NEWS) Feb13
2   Prevention and control of MRSA Dec13
3   Clostridium difficile Jun14
4   Irish Maternity Early Warning System (IMEWS) Version 2 Feb19
5  Clinical Handover in Maternity Services Nov14
6   Sepsis Management Nov14
7  Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment of Patients with Breast Cancer  Jun15
8  Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment of Patients with Prostate Cancer
9  Pharmacological Management of Cancer Pain in Adults Nov15
10  Management of Constipation in Adult Patients Receiving Palliative Care Nov15
11  Clinical Handover in Acute and Children’s Hospital Services Nov15
12  Paediatric Early Warning System (PEWS) Nov15
13  Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment of Patients with Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Nov15
14  Management of an Acute Asthma Attack in Adults (aged 16 years and older) Nov15
15  Hepatitis C Screening
July 17
16  Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with lung cancer Nov 17
Adult Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Jun 18
*Emergency Medicine Early Warning System (EMEWS)

* In Pilot Sites

Oct 18