National Clinical Audit

Under its Terms of Reference the NCEC has the role of prioritising and quality assuring National Clinical Audit. The NCEC approved the Prioritisation and Quality Assurance for National Clinical Audit (September 2015) and the Framework for Endorsement of National Clinical Audit (October 2015).  We held a  public consultation on our draft Prioritisation and Quality Assurance Criteria for National Clinical Audit.

The NCEC audit function continues to evolve. The National Office for Clinical Audit (NOCA) helped us do an initial test of the templates that were developed for these NCEC processes, using their Major Trauma Audit as the applicant. The Major Trauma Audit was launched in December 2016 as the 1st NCEC National Clinical Audit. The  National Radiology Quality Improvement Programme, managed by the RCPI, is currently assisting with final template testing.

 No Title  Date
 1  Major Trauma Audit  Dec 2016