Governance – NCEC



The National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC) was established by the Minister for Health in September 2010.  Since January 2017, It is chaired by Dr Karen Ryan.

View the Terms-of-Reference for the NCEC and its Membership. There is Modus Operandi that governs the NCEC Members. The Conflict of Interest Policy and Declaration of Interest  form are available.  There are 3 subgroups for the NCEC – clinical audit, clinical guideline methodology and education and training – view a map here or click on each title to get more details.

The NCEC meets at least four times per annum and, from 2014, summary minutes are posted here. The NCEC publishes an Annual Report of its activities: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 2017.

View the Prioritisation of National Clinical Guidelines (March 2015) and the Framework for Endorsement of National Clinical Guidelines  (April 2015)  to see how the NCEC conducts the business of prioritisation and quality assurance. We held a public consultation on how we prioritise National Clinical Guidelines and the report of that exercise can be read here.

Details of NCEC’s past Annual Symposia are available in the Resources and Learning section.