National Review of Specialist Cardiac Services

The Steering Group for the National Review of Specialist Cardiac Services is chaired by Professor Philip Nolan, President of Maynooth University. The Steering Group is comprised of 15 members (in addition to the Chair), consisting of patients, relevant health professionals, senior HSE management and senior departmental officials. Collectively, the Group has expertise in clinical provision, service management, service policy, clinical effectiveness and patient safety, public health and patient experience.  To view Modus Operandi and Conflict of Interest Policy.

The aim of the National Review is to achieve optimal patient outcomes at population level with particular emphasis on the safety, quality and sustainability of the services that patients receive by establishing the need for an optimal configuration of a national adult cardiac service. In terms of scope, the National Review will cover scheduled and unscheduled hospital-based services for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease in adults. View the Terms of Reference.

The National Review will conduct its business by: generating key questions on which rigorous systematic reviews of the evidence will be undertaken using internationally recognised methodology; consulting with the public and relevant stakeholders – including a call for submissions; identifying international best practice; carrying out a number of site visits; and, analysing data on existing services and populations. In addition, an International Reference Panel comprised of international experts will be formed to provide an independent peer review. These measures, taken with the relevant professional and patient input, will ensure that the National Review is comprehensive and of the highest quality standard.

Minutes of Steering Group and Press Releases

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