Clinical Practice Guidance

Recommendation 19 of the 2014 Portlaoise Perinatal Deaths (2006-date) Report stated that “the NCEC should develop standards for clinical practice guidance”. This is to ensure consistency of approach and utilisation of appropriate methodology to develop clinical practice guidance nationally.

The NCEC Standards for Clinical Practice Guidance were launched in November 2015 and are available here.

The standards were developed by the NCEC, informed by a systematic literature review, advice from an Expert Advisory Group and feedback from a public consultation process.

The objectives are to:
• Publish standards which will provide a standardised nomenclature and methodology for the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidance nationally.
• Ensure consistency of approach and minimise duplication in clinical practice guidance.

Practice standards launch


Supporting documents:

The systematic literature review is available here and the public consultation  report on the Draft Clinical Practice Guidance Standards is available here.