National Oral Health Policy

Adults with maximum value of CPITN score

Briefing document of Fluoride and Caring for Children’s Teeth (FACCT) study outcomes

Child Oral Health brief 28 June 2017

Demand for and supply of dental practitioners in the Republic of Ireland

Dental reimbursement arrangements under Medicaid Scheme alternatives, e.g. bundling

Dental Workforce Planning briefing paper 

Engaging with stakeholders

FACCT study:  summary statistics dental caries 5-and 12-year-olds

FACCT study: summary statistics on dental fluorosis in 8-year-olds

Mapping the divide – distribution of dentists

Measurement of oral healthcare survey design

Oral health access and experience

Oral health needs of persons aged 75 years and over

Oral health needs of older persons

Oral Health Policy Academic Reference Group recommendation

Overview of Dental Health Action Plan (1994) Policy Document

Projected edentulousness in Ireland for people over 65 years

Projection of populations over 60 in Ireland 2011 – 2046

Public consultation – oral health quality of life

Reform of health services: impact on oral health services

Report of Working Group on use of fluoride toothpaste

Role of payments systems in influencing oral health care provision

Smile agus Sláinte: a synopsis of dentists’ views

Smile agus Sláinte: stakeholders consultation day

Smile agus Sláinte: theoretical framework

Steps in citizen consultation

Summary of ‘Healthy Ireland: A Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013-2025

TILDA relationship between oral and general health

Use of TILDA findings

Value of packaging systems in oral health