National Cancer Registry Board

The National Cancer Registry Board was established by the Minister for Health in 1991 by Statutory Instrument and is wholly funded by the Department of Health. It was set up to record information on all cancer cases occurring in Ireland and has been collecting such data since 1994.

It’s functions include:

  • To identify, collect, classify, record, store and analyse information relating to the incidence and prevalence of cancer and related tumors in Ireland;
  • To collect, classify, record and store information in relation to each newly diagnosed individual cancer patient and in relation to each tumour which occurs;
  • To promote and facilitate the use of the data thus collected in approved research and in the planning and management of services;
  • To publish an annual report based on the activities of the Registry;
  • To furnish advice, information and assistance in relation to any aspect of such service to the Minister.

Current Board Membership