Tobacco Control Legislation

Tobacco control experts in Ireland and internationally recognise that no one element in isolation can be effective in reducing tobacco consumption and moving towards a tobacco free society. Ireland is currently ranked 2nd out of 34 European Countries in relation to tobacco control initiatives. Tobacco control measures already in place in Ireland include:

  • A ban on sale of tobacco products to individuals under 18 years of age (2001)
  • Work-place smoking ban (2004)
  • A ban on packets containing less than 20 cigarettes (2007)
  • A ban on the sale of confectionaries that resemble cigarettes (2007)
  • A ban on the point of sale display and advertising of tobacco products (2009)
  • A requirement for all tobacco products to be stored within a closed container which can only be accessed by the retailer (2009)
  • A requirement for all retailers who wish to sell tobacco products to register with the National Tobacco Control Office (2009)
  • A prohibition on self-service vending machines except in licensed premises or in registered clubs (2009)
  • Combined text and photo warnings (graphic warnings) (2013)
  • Social marketing and media campaigns, establishment of a National Smokers Quitline, social media and online cessation supports (on-going)
  • Development of smoking cessation services (on-going)
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy available free to all medical card holders (ongoing)
  • Increased excise duty on tobacco products (on-going)
  • A ban on smoking in cars where children are present. (2016)