Tobacco Free Ireland

Tobacco Free Ireland  sets a target for Ireland to be tobacco free by 2025. In practice, this will mean a smoking prevalence rate of less than 5%. The two key themes underpinning the policy are protecting children and the denormalisation of smoking. It was launched under the Healthy Ireland framework.

A detailed action plan has been developed outlining the timeframes and responsibilities for the implementation of the actions.

Tobacco Free Ireland

Tobacco Free Ireland Action Plan

Tobacco Free Ireland 2018 Annual Report 

Tobacco Free Ireland 2017 Annual Report 

Tobacco Free Ireland 2016 Annual Report 

Tobacco Free Ireland 2015 Annual Report

Tobacco Free Ireland 2014 Annual Report


Who we are

Principal Officer Claire Gordon
Assistant Principal Officer Siobháin Brophy

Nuala O’Reilly

Higher Executive Officer Joan McKenna
Chief Environmental Officer Siobhan McEvoy
Tel 01-6354000

If you want help to quit smoking:

  • Visit and sign up for an online QUITPLAN
  • Contact a HSE smoking cessation service near you –
  • Contact the National Smokers’ Quitline on callsave 1800 201 203 to talk to an advisor
  • Join our YOU CAN QUIT Facebook page, where hundreds of quitters are chatting and giving each other support to get there
  • Contact your GP or Pharmacist, they are a good source of information, advice and support.