Physical Activity

Being physically active is important for our health and wellbeing, and is a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight.  We have developed  a National Physical Activity Plan which aims to encourage greater participation in, and greater recognition of, the importance of physical activity.

A working group, co-chaired by the Department of Health and the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, was established to develop this Plan.  The group includes representatives of a range of stakeholders with an interest and an expertise in physical activity.

There is significant evidence that physical activity promotes wellbeing, physical and mental health, prevents disease, improves quality of life and has economic, social and cultural benefits. An increase in sedentary behaviour at home and at work has seen levels of physical inactivity rise. It is of concern therefore, that a very large number of Irish people do not meet the recommended levels of physical activity.


Minister Varadkar and team get ready for 5K run

Minister Varadkar and team get ready for 5K run


What is Physical Activity

Recommended Guidelines

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