The Special Action Group on Obesity (SAGO) comprises representatives from the Departments of Health, Children and Youth Affairs, Education and Skills, the Health Service Executive, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, safefood and other key stakeholders.  It examines and progress a number of issues to address the problem of obesity.  Click here for the membership.  Click here for Minutes of the SAGO.

The Minister for Health also tasked SAGO with establishing a sub-committee to investigate and develop a range of options around pricing and other mechanisms in order to reduce consumption of foods and drinks from the top-shelf of the Food Pyramid (as per the Department of Health’s Healthy Eating Guidelines) as these foods and drinks are not necessary for health.  The sub-committee’s report and recommendations were presented to the Minister and an action plan is now being developed around these recommendations.

SAGO is concentrating on a range of measures which include: