National Sexual Health Strategy 2015-2020

The National Sexual Health Strategy 2015-2020, launched on 29th October 2015, is the first time that a nationally coordinated approach has been developed to address sexual health and wellbeing. It takes a life course approach which is a key underpinning concept in the Healthy Ireland Framework under which the Strategy will be implemented. It acknowledges the importance of developing a healthy attitude to sexuality in young people and of building on that foundation for positive sexual health and wellbeing into adulthood and older age.

The strategic goals of the Strategy are:

  • Everyone in Ireland will receive comprehensive and age-appropriate sexual health education/information and will have access to appropriate prevention and promotion services;
  • Equitable, accessible and high quality sexual health services, which are targeted and tailored to need, will be available to everyone; and
  • Robust and high quality sexual health information will be generated to underpin policy, practice, service planning and strategic monitoring.

The aims of the strategy are:

  • To improve sexual health and wellbeing;
  • To reduce negative sexual health outcomes.

The Strategy is set out under three overarching domains,

  • Sexual Health Promotion, Education and Prevention
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Sexual Health Intelligence

An action plan for 2015-2016 prioritises 18 actions for immediate commencement across clinical services; education/supporting parents, teachers and youth workers; communication and information; and governance and structures.