The Irish National Dementia Strategy

In 2014 we published The Irish National Dementia Strategy, to increase awareness, ensure early diagnosis and intervention and development of enhanced community based services.
The Strategy sets out a number of principles to underpin the provision of care and supports for people with dementia including:

  • taking account of dementia in the development and implementation of existing and future health policies;
  • ncouraging the participation of people with dementia in society and in their own communities as fully as possible for as long as possible;
  • the prioritisation of end-of-life care in an appropriate setting for those with dementia;
  • appropriate training and supervision for all those caring for or providing services to people with dementia;
  • directing resources to provide the best possible outcome for those with dementia, and for their families and carers.

A Monitoring Group, chaired by the Department of Health, is being established to assist with and advise on implementation of the National Dementia Strategy, including the National Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme. This Group will again include health professionals, administrators, researchers, and advocates. In addition, the Group will include a number of new members including a person living with dementia and a representative of those who care for people with dementia.

Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme

The Department of Health and the HSE have agreed a joint initiative with the Atlantic Philanthropies to implement significant elements of the Strategy over the period 2014-2017.  This National Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme will promote a greater focus on timely diagnosis of dementia and on the value of early intervention, along with the long-term objective of making people in Ireland generally more aware and understanding of the needs of people with dementia, and of the contributions that those with dementia continue to make to our society.  The HSE has established a National Dementia Strategy Implementation Office to oversee the implementation of all elements of the Strategy, including the co-funded implementation programme.

Useful Information

The HSE website provide information on Coping with Dementia. You can read the information here.