National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016

The current National Drugs Strategy is a cross cutting area of public policy and service delivery which brings together Departments, agencies and the community and voluntary sectors to provide a collective response to tackling the drugs problem.

The overall objective of the Strategy is to tackle the harm caused to individuals, families and communities by problem drug and alcohol use in Ireland through the five pillars of:

  • Supply reduction
  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation and
  • Research

It contains 63 actions to be taken across the full range of Departments and agencies involved in delivering drugs policy to ensure that the aims and objectives of the Strategy are met. We publish annual reports on progress – click here to read the latest one.  You can find other publications in our publications area.

The report of the Steering Group on a National Substance Misuse Strategy and the National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016 provide a single, integrated policy response to alcohol use and misuse and to the use of other substances

At the national level, an Oversight Forum on Drugs – chaired by the Minister with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy, meets quarterly to oversee progress in relation to the actions of the Strategy and address any emerging issues.  The Forum reports to the Cabinet Committee on Social Policy, as required.

The National Coordinating Committee for Drug and Alcohol Task Forces drives implementation of the National Drugs Strategy at the local and regional level. It is responsible for making recommendations to the Minister in relation to the implementation of the Strategy.

Local and Regional Drugs Task Forces play a key role in assessing the extent and nature of the drug problem in their areas and coordinating action at local level so that there is a targeted response to the drug problem in local communities.