Health Insurance Authority

The Health Insurance Authority is a statutory regulator of the private health insurance market in Ireland. The Authority also provides information to consumers regarding their rights and health insurance plans and benefits.

The Health Insurance Act 1994 (Part IV) allows for the establishment of the Health Insurance Authority and outlines its functions and scope. The Authority was established on 1 February 2001 under the Health Insurance Act, 1994 and operates in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the Health Insurance (Amendment) Acts.

Functions of the Board

The principal functions of the Authority as provided for in the Health Insurance Acts include the following:

  • To monitor the health insurance market and to advise the Minister (either at his or her request or on its own initiative) on matters relating to health insurance;
  • To monitor the operation of the Health Insurance Acts and, where appropriate, to issue enforcement notices to enforce compliance with the Acts;
  • To carry out certain functions in relation to health insurance stamp duty and age related tax credits and in relation to any risk equalisation scheme that may be introduced;
  • To take such action as it considers appropriate to increase the awareness of members of the public of their rights as consumers of health insurance and of health insurance services available to them; and
  • To maintain “The Register of Health Benefits Undertakings” and “The Register of Health Insurance Contracts”.

Current Board Membership