Health Innovation Hub

The aim of the National Health Innovation Hub (NHIH) initiative is to drive collaboration between the health system and enterprise providing gains to the health and enterprise sectors.  It aims to:

  • Facilitate enterprise develop and commercialise new healthcare technologies, products and services by giving them appropriate access to the health service to validate and refine products;
  • Facilitate the health system to find efficiencies and improvements by engaging with innovative companies creating solutions to problems (reducing cost, increasing service efficiency, improving patient outcomes, etc.); and
  • Support innovative developments emerging from within the health system.

It has the potential to facilitate healthcare companies to deliver commercial products and services more quickly by giving them access to the health service in order to validate and refine products as appropriate.  It holds the potential to assist the health system address problems it may face in improving how people’s health needs are managed and treated by facilitating engagement with innovative companies with potential solutions.  It is envisaged that the initiative will also support the adoption and commercialisation of new innovations developed by healthcare practitioners.