Reforming Primary Care

Most people in Ireland never have to go to hospital but most people in Ireland will have used primary care. Primary Care is all of the health or social care services that you can find in your community, outside of hospital. It includes GPs, Public Health Nurses and a range of other services.

Our vision for primary care is one where:

  • no one must pay fees for GP care;
  • GPs work in teams with other primary care professionals;
  • the focus is on the prevention of illness and structured care for people with chronic conditions;
  • primary care teams work from dedicated facilities;
  • and staffing and resourcing of primary care is allocated rationally to meet regularly assessed needs.

As part of Universal Health Insurance, we are introducing free GP care for the whole population. Click here for more.

The HSE has a Primary Care Directorate which oversees the development and strengthening of primary care.  Click here for more.