Nursing Homes Support Scheme

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme A Fair Deal began on 27 October 2009.

The purpose of the Scheme is to provide financial support for people assessed as needing long-term nursing home care.  The scheme is founded on the core principles that long-term care should be affordable and that a person should receive the same level of State support whether they choose a public, voluntary or private nursing home.  Since the 27th October 2009, the Nursing Homes Support Scheme is the single funded means of accessing long-term nursing home care for all new entrants.

The Scheme is administered by the HSE.  Further information on how to use the scheme.

Further information on the various pieces of legislation underpinning the scheme.

Care Representatives

Where a person wishes to request the Nursing Home Loan on behalf of an applicant with reduced capacity, they may need to apply to become a care representative.  Applications for appointment as a care representative are made to the Circuit Court.  Please follow the links below for information on the Care Representative Process or to download application forms from the Circuit Court.

Application Forms from Courts Website

Case Study – Application for Appointment as a Care Representative for John Kavanagh [pdf]

Case Study – Anne’s Checklist [pdf]

Case Study – Sample Forms [pdf]

Assessment of Capacity – Quick Guide [pdf]

Assessment of Capacity – Full Guidance Document [pdf]

Review of the Scheme

Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme – Summary of Submissions

Information on the Scheme

Quick Guide on the Nursing Homes Support Scheme [pdf]

Information Booklet on the Nursing Homes Support Scheme

FAQ’s on the Nursing Homes Support Scheme [pdf]

Information Sheet on Payment of Fees [pdf]

Legislation and Related Documents

Cost Components in respect of Care Services (Public Nursing Homes) [pdf]

Regulatory Impact Analysis [pdf]

Regulatory Impact Analysis – April 2013 [pdf]

Notice of Period of Payment of Ancillary State Support – Technical Notice