Suicide Prevention

Reach Out is our National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention.  It contains 26 action areas and 96 recommendations and these are organised into four main approaches:

  • A general population approach
  • A targeted approach
  • Responding to suicide
  • Information and research

Reach Out makes a number of recommendations in relation to fast track referrals to community-based mental health services, effective response to deliberate self-harm, training, reducing stigma and promoting positive mental health, initiatives aimed at helping young men and research.

The HSE’s National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) was established in 2005 on foot of a recommendation in Reach Out.   Its role is to oversee the implementation of Reach Out and to coordinate suicide prevention initiatives around the country.

The NOSP is reviewing its current activities to make the most of our available resources, including looking at best practice internationally to inform evidence-based policy decisions.

The review will result in a renewed Strategic Framework which will build on work already undertaken under Reach Out.   A Planning Oversight Group with support of advisory groups has been established to advance this work during 2014.

It is expected that the new Framework will be more targeted and action based.  Its aim will be to support population health approaches and interventions that will assist in reducing the loss of life through suicide.  This renewed focus will provide for improved coordination and integration of services to ensure that pathways of care for persons at risk of suicide or in suicidal crisis can be accessible, acceptable and available.