Task Force on Personalised Budgets – Supporting Documents

1. Advice paper on supports to apply for and administer personalised budgets.

2. Easy read consultation questionnaire.

3. Easy Read Report on Consultation Process.

4. Report on Financial Sustainability.

5. Alpha Report.

6. Advisory and Consultative Group Membership.

7. Strategy Group Membership.

8. Organisations represented at the Regional Consultations.

9. Organisations who provided written submissions to the consultation.

10. National survey on prevalence of individualised budgets May 2017 Final.

11. Personalised Budgets Consultation Questions.

12. Project Initiation Document.

13. References.

14. Report on the Personalisesd Budgets Conultation Process.

15. NDA Synthesis paper on Personalised Budgets research.

16. Terms of Reference A&C Group.

17. Terms of Reference for Strategy Group.

18. Work Plan.