Task Force on Personalised Budgets

One of the Government’s key objectives is to provide people with disabilities with services and supports which will empower them to live independent lives, provide them with greater independence in accessing the services they choose, and enhance their ability to tailor the supports required to meet their needs and plan their lives. To achieve this aim, the Programme for Government provided a commitment to the establishment of a Task Force on Personalised Budgets.

The Task Force comprises of a Strategy Group and an Advisory & Consultative Group. Its remit is to make recommendations on a personalised budgets model which will give people with disabilities more control in accessing health funded personal social services, giving them greater independence and choice in accessing services which best meet their individual needs.

The Task Force met in plenary session on 13th October and is now undertaking an ambitious work programme. The Task Force aims to recommend an approach and a suggested implementation strategy for the Government’s consideration by the end of 2017.

A Reference Group comprising people with lived experience of disability has also been established, and this group will be consulted directly at key points throughout the process.