Website Accessibility

About this website

The Department of Health website contains features to help improve the quality of your visit. The most important of these are:

  • Features for visitors with reading difficulties
  • Features for viewing downloadable documents, movies and other content

If you have questions specific to the obligations of the Department of Health under the Disability Act 2005, please contact our Access Officer. If you wish to provide any other feedback about this website, please contact us.

Visitors with reading difficulties

Listen to content on this site as it is read ‘out loud’ by your computer

This website is speech-enabled. This means that you can listen to the words on the site as they are read ‘out loud’ by your computer. This is useful for people who have reading difficulties, mild vision disabilities or for whom English is a second language.

This service is free to everyone.

To use it you must:

Download a small software program called BrowseAloud

Point at the website text you want to hear with your mouse

BrowseAloud will then read the text ‘out loud’

If you can’t hear any sound:

  • make sure your computer has sound capability and that speakers or headphones are plugged in
  • ensure the volume is turned on

If you wish to learn about BrowseAloud or have queries about its operation, visit theĀ BrowseAloud website.

Changing text size on this website

If you find the text size on this website is too small to read comfortably, you can change its size. The way you do this depends on your internet browser, the software program, you use to view the web.

Some internet browsers let you change text size simply by holding down the ‘control’ or ‘alt’ keys and using the wheel in the middle of your mouse to zoom in or out.

The following shortcut keys also allow you to zoom in and out.

  • Press Ctrl and + to increase the size
  • Press Ctrl and – to decrease the size
  • Press Ctrl and 0 to go back to the default size

Shortcuts are also used to change text size on an Apple Mac (all browsers):

  • Press Cmd and + to increase the size
  • Press Cmd and – to decrease the size
  • Press Cmd and 0 to go back to the default size

You can change text size in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox (Mozilla), Google Chrome or Apple Safari on a Personal Computer (PC) by either using the menu or the tool bar:

Changing text size using the tool bar

Use the page button on your internet browser’s tool bar

select Text Size

select the size you wish to view the website

Changing text size using the menu

  • Go to the menu at the top of your internet browsers window
  • select View From the list of options
  • select Text Size and select the size you wish to view the website

Viewing movies, documents and other content

While the vast majority of content on this website is published as plain text, some has been published in different formats. This is because certain information can be better demonstrated in other ways, such as video.