Statutory Instruments

The Poisons Regulations 2008

These Regulations consolidate and replace the Poisons Regulations 1982 (S.I. No. 188 of 1982) (as amended). Unlike the 1982 Regulations, they do not have effect in respect of animal remedies, medicinal products (for human use) and cosmetic products, as each of these product categories are now controlled as such products in their own right

These Regulations provide that the retail sale of certain poisons (i.e. those specified in Part 1 of Schedule 1) may only take place at retail pharmacies by or under the supervision of registered pharmacists. The Regulations also provide that certain other poisons (i.e. those specified in Part 2 of Schedule 1) may be sold by retail outlets licensed for that purpose, as well as through pharmacies

These latter poisons are intended mainly for use by persons engaged in the business of agriculture, horticulture and forestry. While the general requirement in respect of labelling has been omitted on the basis that such has already been provided for in separate Regulations, the requirements in relation to the labelling of certain poisons such as compressed hydrogen cyanide and salts of paraquat in liquid form are being continued. The Regulations also continue the prohibition on the sale or supply of strychnine except in very limited circumstances. Specific requirements in regard to recordkeeping in respect of certain poisons (i.e. those in Schedule 2) are also laid down

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