Statutory Instruments

The Medicinal Products (Amendment) Regulations 2004

The purpose of these Regulations is to ensure consistency in the inspection procedures and powers of officers authorised under the Medical Preparations (Wholesale Licences) Regulations 1993 (SI No 39 of 1993)(as amended), the Medical Preparations (Licensing of Manufacture) Regulations 1993 (S.I. No 40 of 1993) (as amended) and the Medicinal Products (Licensing and Sale) Regulations 1998 (S.I. No. 142 of 1998) (as amended)

These Regulations provide for the handling of samples taken in the course of enforcement and for the recognition of certificates of analysis in the course of court proceedings. The Regulations also provide powers to obtain warrants from a District Court Judge authorising the inspection of premises that may be used as private dwellings

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