Statutory Instruments

The Infectious Diseases (Aircraft) Regulations 2009

These Regulations make amendments which conform to the standards set down by the International Health Regulations as adopted by the World Health Assembly on 23 May 2005. These Regulations authorise measures to be taken with a view to the prevention of danger to public health in relation to incoming or outgoing aircraft, its passengers; and or crew; and or conditions on board; they lay down the form of Declaration of Health to be completed by the Commander of an aircraft in certain circumstances; they impose restrictions on boarding or leaving an aircraft in certain circumstances.Provision is made for the detention and inspection of an infected or suspected aircraft; the placing under surveillance of a person(s) from an affected area; the removal of an infected person(s) from an aircraft; and the application of such additional measures applicable to infectious diseases that are of public health concern subject to the International Health Regulations. Provision is made also for charges for certain services and for expenses of the Health Service Executive enforcing the Regulations.

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