Statutory Instruments

The Health Insurance Act 1994 (Information Returns) (Amendment) Regulations 2015

This statutory instrument sets out changes in the information returns specified in Section 7D of the Health Insurance Acts. The amendments arise as a consequence of amendments to primary legislation whereby from 1 March 2016 a risk equalisation credit is payable for day case admissions to hospital.

The purpose of the Information Returns is to enable the Health Insurance Authority to report to the Minister as set out in Section 7E of the Acts and in particular to make its recommendations to the Minister on any changes in the risk equalisation credit and corresponding stamp duty levels to fund the credits.

The definition of “day patient day”, the definition of “in-patient stay (publicly funded hospital) and the definition of private hospital accommodation are amended.
These Regulations come into operation on 1 March 2016.

Download a copy of S.I. 608 of 2015 here