Statutory Instruments

The Health Insurance Act 1994 (Information Returns) (Amendment) Regulations 2013

This statutory instrument sets out the format and contents of the information returns specified in Section 7D of the Health Insurance Acts, as amended by the Health Insurance (Amendment) Act, No 45 of 2012, to include additional information that the Health Insurance Authority has previously obtained as a result of information requests.

In addition to the data currently provided in relation to all in-patients stays, information returns will now provide a breakdown of returned benefits into that relating to publicly funded hospitals, private hospitals and to hospital consultants.

A breakdown of Cell Claim Value into that relating to overnight stays is provided as well as a breakdown of overnight stays where a charge is payable under Section 55 of the Health Act, 1970 for such period. The purpose of the information returns is to enable the Authority to report to the Minister as set out in Section 7E of the Acts and in particular to make its recommendations to the Minister on any changes in the risk equalisation credits and corresponding stamp duty levy required to fund the credits

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