Statutory Instruments

The Health (Charges for In-Patient Services) Regulations 2005

Section 53(2)(a) of the Health Act, 1970 as amended by the Health (Amendment) Act, 2005 provides that the Minister for Health and Children “shall, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, make regulations providing for the imposition of charges for in-patient services in specified circumstances on persons to whom the in-patient services are provided or on specified classes of such persons and 53(2)(b) allows for the Ministers “specifying the
amounts of the charges or the limits to the amounts of the charges to be made”

Section 51 of the Health Act, 1970 defines in-patient services as meaning “institutional services provided for persons while maintained in a hospital, convalescent home or home for persons suffering from physical or mental disability or in accommodation ancillary thereto

In keeping with this provision, these Regulations have provided for two different classes of persons on whom charges can be levied and the maximum charge which can be imposed in respect of each class

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