Statutory Instruments

The European Communities (Certain Contaminants in Foodstuffs) Regulations 2010

Having regard to Council Regulation (EEC) No. 315/93 of 8 February 1993, these Regulations give effect to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006 regarding setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs, as amended by Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1126/2007 of 28 September 2007, Commission Regulation (EC) No. 565/2008 of 18 June 2008, Commission Regulation (EC) No. 629/2008 of 2 July 2008, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 105/2010 of 5 February 2010 and Commission Regulation (EU) No. 165/2010 of 26 February 2010

The principal effect of these Regulations is to provide for the enforcement of the maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs set in Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006, as amended, and to provide for the enforcement of the methods of sampling, and for the sample preparation and methods of analysis for the official control of the levels of certain contaminants in foodstuffs which methods are set out in the Annexes to Commission Regulations (EC) Nos. 401/2006, as amended, 1882/2006, 1883/2006 and 333/2007

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