Statutory Instruments

Nursing Homes (Subvention)(Amendment) Regulations, 1998

These Regulations amend the Nursing Homes (Subvention) Regulations, 1993 ( S.I. No. 227 of 1993 ) as amended by the Nursing Homes (Subvention)(Amendment) Regulations, 1996 ( S.I. No. 225 of 1996 ) by removing the provisions which allowed for the assessment of the capacity of sons and/or daughters over 21 years of age to contribute towards the cost of nursing home care of their parent

In addition, these Regulations oblige health boards to disregard income equivalent to one fifth of the weekly rate of the Old Age Non-Contributory Pension when assessing the means of an applicant for subvention, such sum to be retained for his or her personal use

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