Statutory Instruments

Health (Residential Support Services Maintenance and Accommodation Contributions) Regulations 2016 – S.I. no. 467 of 2016

In keeping with section 67C(2)(a) of the Health Act 1970, these Regulations are made by the Minister for Health, with the consent of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

The main provisions of these Regulations are that:

  • A recipient of “residential support services” (as defined in section67A(1) of the Health Act 1970) is required, in respect of any day when he or she has previously received such services on at least 30 days during the preceding 12-month period, to make a contribution towards maintenance and/or accommodation costs (unless exempted from making such a contribution under section 67C(7)).
  • Three different classes of persons are required to pay daily contributions at the rates, based on each individual’s weekly income, set out in three related Schedules.
  • A default contribution rate (the maximum daily rate set out in the relevant Schedule) may apply in specified circumstances, including by agreement between a service provider and a service recipient.
  • A service provider must take specified actions by specified deadlines, in default of which actions a nil contribution rate may apply, pending compliance by the service provider. 
  • Certain transitional provisions apply.

The requirement to pay a contribution under these Regulations comes into operation on 1 January 2017 and the Health (Charges for In-Patient Services) Regulations 2005 are revoked on that date.

S.I. no. 467 of 2016