Statutory Instruments

European Communities (Labelling,Presentation and Advertising of Foodstuffs) (Amendment) Regulations 2013

These Regulations transpose into Irish Law Council Directive 2013/20/EU of 13 May 2013 (in so far as that Directive relates to the labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs) adapting certain directives in the field of food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy, by reason of the accession of the Republic of Croatia.

These Regulations amend the European Communities (Labelling, Presentation and Advertising of Foodstuffs) Regulations 2002 (S.I. No. 483 of 2002) in the manner specified in these Regulations, particularly with regard to the extended list of names under which irradiated foods may be sold. These Regulations also provide for the conviction on indictment of a person guilty of an offence under these Regulations and the recovery of costs from the defendant in the event of a successful prosecution, in addition to any fine or penalty imposed

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