Speech by Minister O’Malley at presentation of prize Cover Design NIDD Report 2006 Dungarvan Waterford

I am delighted to be here this afternoon and would like to thank the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies for asking me to present the award to the winner of their National Competition to design the front cover of the Annual Report of the National Intellectual Disability Database Committee.

I am also very pleased to be here in the Carriglea Cairde Services Centre in Dungarvan as it allows me to meet up with the service providers and those people who come here daily to enjoy and benefit from the activites that are undertaken here. The Sisters of Bon Saveur, in their Mission Statement for Carriglea, state that “ their ideal is to enable and empower sevice users to integrate into society and reach their full potential”. The wide range of service provision available here at Carriglea indicate the commitment to fulfilling that mission and the general atmosphere and enjoyment of today’s event highlight the caring nature of the service provided here.

I note that an integral part of the service provision of Carriglea is in relation to transition to work. Fortunately Ireland’s current economic environment means that employment opportunities exist for those who seek work. As you are aware many Government initiatives exist to help people with disabilities gain access to employment such as the recent increases in the disregard for Disability Allowance and supported employment initiatives. Everyone should be allowed to maximise their own individual potential to contribute to society through employment that is appropriate to their ability.

Society will benefit for inclusive employment and society will realise that inclusive employment is the way to promote an equitable society.

The Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD) was established in 1995 to ensure that information is available to enable the Department of Health and Children, the Health Service Executive and non-statutory agencies in Ireland to provide appropriate services designed to meet the changing needs of people with intellectual disability and their families. The information available from the NIDD enables priorities to be set based on an objective evaluation of the needs of people with intellectual disability. The commitment of all services and agencies involved in the maintenance of the database is significant and their continuing commitment and co-operation is crucial in ensuring the ongoing availability of accurate information.

And so to our business here today. The National Federation of Voluntary Bodies is a national umbrella organisation for voluntary and /or non statutory agencies which provide direct services to people with an intellectual disability and each year they organise a National Competition amongst their service users to design the front cover of the Annual Report of the National Intellectual Disability Database Committee Annual Report which is published by the Health Research Board.

The winner of this year’s competition, whose beautiful design has been used for the cover of the National Intellectual Disability Database Committee’s Report 2006, is Ms Pauline Molloy. I know that Pauline attends a day service here in Carriglea and I am glad to see Pauline’s family and friends here today to celebrate with her. Pauline is a native of Birr Co Offaly but I note that she has lived in Lisnagry in my own native Limerick before she came to live here in Dungarvan. I am very pleased to be awarding the prize to a lady with a Limerick connection.

However I can see why Pauline might chose to live here in Carriglea with its swimming pool, tennis court and other lovely facilities and of course the lovely Dungarvan coast line. I can see how living in such a beautiful and happy environment could inspire Pauline to produce such a colourful and uplifting graphic for this Report.

I have been told that Pauline contributes to the local community as a member of the Community Development Group. Giving of one’s time to participate in voluntary activity such as a Community Development Group is extremely important especially in today’s society and I commend Pauline for her contribution. I am also aware that Pauline is involved in the transition year art project at the local secondary school. I can only presume that it’s the good food here at Carriglea that’s giving Pauline all this eneregy though in reality it’s probably a combination of family support, the support of her friends and colleagues her at Carriglea, the local community and Pauline’s own enthusiastic personality and ability. Well Done Pauline on this wonderful award and beautiful painting.

May I take this opportunity to wish everybody involved here in Carriglea Services in Dungarvan and the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies good wishes with their continued work and Pauline every success in her future and long may she continue to produce her wonderful works of art.