Sláintecare Action Plan Report Q1 Deliverables

Sláintecare will deliver a health and social care service that meets the needs of our population and attracts and retains the very best healthcare professionals, managers and staff. Over a ten-year period, we will deliver a universal health service that offers the right care, in the right place, at the right time, with a priority focus on developing primary and community services within a national policy context.

The Sláintecare Action Plan for 2019 was published earlier this year. The purpose of the Action Plan is to set out a timeline for the delivery of outputs to support the completion of the Sláintecare strategic actions on a programme and project basis. The Action Plan ensures that there are measurable outputs that are to be delivered over 2019, with progress to be measured and reported on a biannual basis.

The Q1 2019 report published today details the Sláintecare actions that have been delivered in the first three months of this year. It demonstrates that 28 out of the 28 actions for delivery in Q1 2019 are on track.

Please see our full Sláintecare Action Plan Report on Q1 Deliverables here.