Review of Measures to Reduce Costs in the Private Health Insurance Market 2014

This report was prepared independently by Mr McLoughlin with the support of the health insurers, and the Health Insurance Authority, for consideration by the Minister for Health and the insurers.  All parties were very conscious of the importance of respecting competition law when dealing with issues such as prices and costs. The work of the Group has been conducted in two phases, with the first phase report published on 26 December 2013.

The Phase 1 report sets out the context, establishment, membership and terms of reference for both phases of the Groups’ work.  The report also outlines the legislative provisions for private health insurance in Ireland, the objectives of both phases of the review and the approach and methodology followed.

Phase 2 of the process focused on the compilation and analysis by the Health Insurance Authority (HIA) of claims data to assess the cost drivers for health insurance, the effects of medical technology and innovations on costs, and claims processing issues.
The report and submissions from relevant stakeholders which were examined and considered under the Phase 2 Review can be downloaded below.

Download the Review of Measures to Reduce Costs in the Private Health Insurance Market 2014 –  Independent Report to the Minister for Health and Health Insurance Council here.

Submissions received

HSE Submission to Pat McLoughlin, Chair of Review Group

IHAI submission 11 April 2014

IHCA submission to Chair 1 May 2014

Insurance Ireland submission

Society of Actuaries in Ireland submission

St. Patricks Mental Health Services submission April 2014

St John of Gods Submission