Primary Care Centres – Progress Report

The Irish healthcare system was built to tackle accidental injuries or episodic diseases. Its current hospital-centric configuration is not suited to the changing demographic profile and health needs of the country, in which people are living longer but there is a greater prevalence of chronic conditions. Many of these conditions require preventative care and ongoing management, services that are generally provided closer to home, in the community. The development of modern, well-equipped and accessible infrastructure, such as Primary Care Centres, is therefore central if we are change the way we deliver care to our population.

Expanding community and primary care is at the heart of the Sl√°intecare vision for health services. The starting point for service delivery in the sector is the Primary Care Team (PCT) consisting of general practice, public health nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy.

Read a progress report on delivery of Primary Care Centres around Ireland here.